Mitsubishi Electric PUMY-SP80YKMD-AR1 9.0kW Outdoor Unit Only | 3 Phase


Power Source  



3-phase 380-400-415


V, 50 Hz; 3-phase 380


V, 60 Hz

Cooling Capacity kW 9 .0

Temperature Range of Cooling

Power Input kW 2. 11
Current Input A    9.79 – 9.36 – 8.97 3.37 – 3.21 – 3.09
EER kW 4. 27




3. 35
15.0 ~ 24.0 °C
Outdoor D.B -5.0 ~ 52.0  °C *3 *4 *5
Heating Capacity kW 1 0.0

Temperature Range of Heating

Power Input kW 2. 27
Current Input A 10.53 -10.07 – 9.65 3.63 – 3.45 – 3.32
COP kW 4. 41




3. 62
15 ~ 27 °C
Outdoor D.B -20 ~  15 °C
Indoor Unit


Sound Pressure Level

(measured in anechoi

Total Capacity 50% to 130% of Ou tdoor Unit Capacity
Model/Quantity c room) dB P10- P100/9
51/ 54
Refrigerant Piping Diameter Liquid Pipe mm (in.) 9.52 (3 /8) Flare
Gas Pipe mm (in.) 15.88 ( /8) Flare
Fan Type x Quantity Propelle r Fan × 1
Airflow Rate m3/min 7 5
L/s 12 50
cfm 26 49
Control, Driving Mechanism DC C ontrol
Motor Output kW 0.20  × 1
Compressor Type x Quantity Twin Rotary Herme tic Compressor × 1
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Elec tric Corporation
Starting Method Inv erter
Motor Output kW 2 .1
Lubricant FV50S ( 1.4 litre)
External Finish

External Dimension (H x W x D)

mm Galvanised Steel Shee t Munsell No. 3Y 7.8/1. 1
981 × 1,050  × 330 (+25)
Protection Devices High Pressure Protection High Pres sure Switch
Inverter Circuit (COMP./FAN) Overcurre nt Detection, Overheat  detection (Heat Sink Thermistor)
Compressor Compressor Thermisto r, Overcurrent Detectio n
Fan Motor Overheating, V oltage Protection

Net Weight

Type x Original Charge R410A × 3.5 kg
Control kg Electronic Ex pansion Valve
93 *5 *6 94 *7 93 *6 94 *7
Heat Exchanger Cross Fin an d Copper Tube
HIC Circuit (HIC: Heat Inter-Changer) HIC Circuit
Defrosting Method


External Reversed Ref rigerant Circuit
RK0 1J091
Wiring BH79N194 BH79N195 BH79N194 BH79N195 BH79N194 BH79N195
Standard Attachment Document Installation Manual
Accessory Grounded Lead Wire
Optional Parts Joint: CMY-Y62-G-E Header: CMY-Y64/68-G-E


With our multi room systems, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor unit for each room. You may want a super quiet, low capacity unit for a smaller bedroom and a stylish, higher capacity unit for the larger living room. With a multi room system, you are able to connect these to a single outdoor unit, rather than requiring one for each indoor – saving outdoor space and maintaining your home’s exterior aesthetics.

Energy Saving

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter control distributes tempered air in the shortest period of time and ensures that the system operates at ideal capacity, minimising energy wastage.

Individual Control

Our multi room systems allow individual control of every heat pump in your home; whether you want to increase the temperature in the kid’s bedroom before bedtime, or turn off the living room heat pump as you head out for dinner. With individual heat pump control, you can adjust the temperature to suit your comfort levels and ensure a heat pump is only operating when needed.

Quiet Operation

Our multi room outdoor units are equipped with a Silent Mode; ensuring outdoor sound levels remain as low as possible during operation.

Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP

The PUMY-SP series allows up to 10 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit, using the standard City Multi branch pipework system or via branch boxes to connect M Series and Mr Slim indoor units. This makes it an economic and efficient answer for multi-room applications, whilst also offering space saving benefits. Each size is available in both single and three phase options.

Compact and out of sight

The Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP compact design has a reduced footprint with a 27% reduction in height and 25% reduction in weight, allowing it to be installed in more confined spaces compared to the dual fan model.

The reduced height (less than one metre) makes this unit suitable for installation on balconies. The weight reduction makes the unit easier facilitates easier installation and transportation.

Flexible connection

The outdoor unit allows piping from any four directions; front, back, bottom, or right. This enables easier horizontal connection for collective layout. The outdoor unit with an expanded piping layout improves piping workability.

Super quiet mode*

Noise level can be reduced up to 10dB(A). This allows you to operate the unit even in the night in a residential zone.

* Capacity reduction differs by mode setting. PAC-SC36NA-E is required to activate Super Quiet mode by external input.

External static pressure of 30Pa

The installation location is flexible, thanks to the 30Pa static pressure. An external static pressure of 30Pa allows outdoor unit to be installed on balconies in high-rise building or spaces near louvers.

Energy efficiency

Despite its compact size and low weight, the new Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP features high efficiency.


Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP single-fan units can be connected to the indoor units of Residential M Series and Commercial Mr. Slim and CITY MULTI series using PAC-MK-BC branch boxes.

It’s possible to mix and match Residential and Commercial indoor units, providing great flexibility for solving system design challenges.

Click here to view the Brochure of the Mitsubishi Electric PUMY-SP Series


9 kW Cooling
10 kW Heating

Single Fan Heat Pump VRF O/U

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