Toshiba Floor Console

Toshiba Floor Console are an innovative and compact unit which can be installed on the floor or in low wall applications, ideal for under the window sills or in a low ceiling attic. With a distinctive floor heating function, Toshiba inverters can deliver powerful air flow at floor level for consistent and comfortable room heating.


The two outlets at the top and bottom ensure comfortable heating and cooling. You can choose the best air outlet from the following patterns. A unique and original Toshiba feature is the bottom air-flow which directs and spreads air across the floor.

Stylish and Modern Design

This innovative and compact unit in Toshiba Floor Console has been designed to be installed on the floor and in low-wall applications, fitting perfectly under window sills.

Floor Warming Mode

Floor warming mode is like the warmth of a fireplace. It blows warmer air than normal heating mode with less uncomfortable blasts of air.

Smart User Interface

This Toshiba console has a smart user interface which enables basic operation without remote controller; on/off, temperature control, operation mode selection and air-outlet selection. It displays in colour the temperature, operation mode and air outlet direction. The LED light glow is adjustable and has a child-lock function that enable to freeze the display panel.

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