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    You can check the maximum electric input required for the system you are looking at and multiply by the cost per kWh you are getting charged.

    Ducted Air-Conditioning Best Brands

    All system carry a 5 year full manufacturing warranty.

    Generally  ducted air conditioner are larger capacities than split system therefore it consumes slightly more electrical running cost than split system. The benefit of ducted air conditioner is it can cool and heat a whole house whereas the split only can cool/heat single room.

    Ducted Air conditioners can vary from supply and installation to $5000 up to $1500 and more.

    Split generally is smaller in capacity hence split is cheaper than ducted air-conditioners.

    Yes It does add value to your house.

    Depending on how much the usage is , Ducted air-conditioning generally lasts for 10-12 years.

    Yes It is more expensive compared to split but it is more effective system.

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