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Air Conditioning Repairs , Service and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Repairs , Services and Maintenance. All Brands for Residential , Commercial , Industrial.

At AIRCONDITIONING-ONLINE our service division specialises in Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Air conditioning systems from High Rise buildings to residential dwellings. We are Arcktick Certified, fully licensed and hold relevant insurances. Our Technicians and subcontractors are fully licensed and experienced in the repair and servicing of all Air conditioning systems for all brands, makes and models.

AIRCONDITIONING-ONLINE are affiliated with most of the major brands. repairing and servicing such brands as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Fujitsu, Temperzone , Hitachi, Teco ,Toshiba, Carrier and ActronAir.

Please complete the Air conditioning Service Request Form below, or call us on 1300 367 152.

Repair and Breakdown Pricing – Domestic and Commercial Clients 1300 367 152

$110 Call out Fee inc GST   $120 Per Hour inc GST (Minimum 30 Mins) plus materials and parking fees if applicable.
Minimum charge is $170 inc GST

General Service and Maintenance of Air conditioning system – Domestic Clients

Maintenance of Wall Split System – Ceiling Cassette Air ConditIoners $175 inc GST

Maintenance of Ducted Air Conditoners $245 inc GST

Maintenance of Multi Head Air Conditioners up to 5 heads $299 inc GST

General cost would be two hours at around $100 per hour or more.

All Air conditioning system should be serviced once a year for ducted and split as a minimum and for commercials we suggest quarterly or half-yearly.

AC coils needs to be cleaned once a year.

Yes It is mainly for commercial.

If they are installed properly they will never needed to be added.

It can be due to short of gas, blocked filters, faulty electrical components etc.

If they are blowing particles, dirty marks in the outlet, uneven air flow your ac ducts might need cleaning.

Replacing an AC Unit starts from 680 to 5000 or more depending upon your situation.

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