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AirTouch 5 - 8 Zone Controller KIT

AirTouch 5 – 8 Zone Controller KIT

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AirTouch 5 – 8 Zone Controller KIT includes

  • AirTouch5 Console
  • AirTouch RJ12
  • AirTouch5 Main Control Module
  • Neat 24V Transformer
  • Zone Control Cable 12m
  • Zone Data Cable
  • Airtouch Gateway KIT (depends on the air conditioning brand)
  • Electric Control Gateway Cable

AirTouch Intelligent Temperature Sensor

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AirTouch Intelligent Temperature Sensor

Easy to Add and Setup

There is no need to run any extra cables as the sensors themselves are wireless and battery-powered.*

They work like thermostats and monitor the temperature of each room or zone that you place in your house.

AirTouch receives the temperature information from your ITSs and responds by adjusting airflow where necessary to help maintain your chosen set point for each zone. You can also check up on the temperature of each zone from the touch panel or app.

They also double as a handy additional On/Off switch for the airflow in each zone.

Enhance your ventilation setup with our innovative product, which integrates seamlessly into the SAMS Smart Air Movement System. Featuring a damper position indicator for precise control, this revolutionary design effortlessly snaps onto Multisnap Y, Multisnap D, Multisnap B, EZY Reducer, or EZY Collar, providing versatile functionality. Crafted from super-strong injected molded plastic, with internal body ribbing eliminating the need for a damper blade, our product ensures a secure seal and long-lasting performance. Plus, support hooks enable easy hanging, while holding teeth facilitate the fitting of flexible duct cores. Invest in superior ventilation solutions today and experience consistent airflow with optimal efficiency.

Airtouch 5 – AirTouch Intelligent Temperature Sensor

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