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Ducted air conditioning systems

What is ducted air conditioning
Ducted air conditioning is a centralized climate control system that efficiently cools or heats entire buildings through a network of ducts and vents, ensuring consistent comfort in every room. Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, ducted systems offer customizable temperature control and energy efficiency for a comfortable environment year-round.

A ducted air conditioning system operates by cooling or heating air in a central unit, then distributing it through ductwork and vents to individual rooms, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the building. With customizable temperature control and energy-efficient operation, ducted systems provide ideal climate solutions for homes and businesses alike.

Typical ducted systems layout

Ducted installation 4-outlets
Ducted installation 5-outlets
Ducted installation 6-outlets
Ducted installation 7-outlets
Ducted installation 8-outlets

Types of Ducted Grilles

  1. Round Grille: Round grilles offer a sleek and modern design, efficiently distributing air while adding aesthetic appeal to any space.
  2. Linear Slot Grille: Linear slot grilles feature a linear design, providing precise airflow control and a contemporary look.
  3. Linear Bar Grille: Linear bar grilles combine functionality with elegance, featuring straight bars for optimal airflow and aesthetic appeal. These grilles are commonly used in upscale residential settings, hotels, and restaurants, offering efficient air distribution and a stylish finish.
  4. 4 Way Grille: 4 Way grilles are versatile and efficient, with adjustable louvers that enable airflow in multiple directions. Perfect for large spaces such as conference rooms and auditoriums, these grilles ensure uniform air distribution and comfortable temperatures.
  5. Double Deflector Grille: Double deflector grilles enhance air circulation with dual deflector blades, providing superior airflow control and distribution. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, these grilles offer customizable ventilation solutions and optimal comfort.
  6. Jet Blowers: Jet blowers deliver powerful airflow with precision, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and large open spaces.
  7. Bevel Face Grille: Bevel face grilles feature a unique beveled design, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment. With adjustable blades, these grilles offer customizable airflow direction and volume, making them suitable for upscale residential and commercial settings.
  8. Floor Register: Floor registers provide efficient airflow distribution while seamlessly blending into the floor surface. Perfect for heating and cooling systems in residential homes and offices, these grilles offer discreet ventilation solutions and enhanced comfort.
  9. Return Air Egg Crate Grille: Return air egg crate grilles feature a durable egg crate design, maximizing airflow while preventing debris buildup. Commonly used in HVAC systems, these grilles ensure efficient air return and filtration, promoting indoor air quality and comfort

Round Grille         Linear Slot             Linear Bar Grille

4- Way Grille       Double Deflector Grille    Jet Blowers

Bevel Face           Floor Register        Return Air Egg crate Grille

How to choose the right Ducted System ?

Start by assessing the size and layout of your space, as well as your specific cooling and heating needs.
Next, determine your budget and explore different system options, including energy-efficient models and those with customizable zoning capabilities.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation for Sydney | Newcastle | ACT | Melbourne | Brisbane 

  • Please provide preferred Brand/Manufacturer you are interested in.
  • Number of grill | outlets  and number of zones you require.
  • What type of Grill | outlets are you looking for – square, round type , linear bar grill
  • Do you require a upgraded Zone Controller or stick with backlit wall controller system comes with
  • 1 phase or 3 phase available
  • Ground level or Double Storey Property
  • Provide us with your plans
  • For domestic and commercial installations 60 percent is required for rough in and 40 percent on finish off are usual terms.

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