FUJITSU AOTG24LAT3 6.8kW Multi Type Air Conditioner Outdoor Only | 2 to 3 Rooms


Outdoor Unit Only (Part of MULTI System). NOT A COMPLETE SYSTEM.

Model No. – Outdoor AOTG24LAT3
Reverse Cycle System Yes
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 6800
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 23200
Range (Watts) 1800-8500
Range (BTU/h) 6100-29000
Heating Capacity (Watts) 8000
Heating Capacity (BTU/h) 27300
Range (Watts) 2000-9200
Range (BTU/h) 6800-31400
Power Supply (Volts) 240
Phase-Frequency (Ph – Hz) 1-50
Power Supply Attachment Outdoor
Plug Size (If Applicable) NA
Running Current, Cooling (Amps) 8.1
Running Current, Range (Amps) Max 10.9
Running Current, Heating (Amps) 8.4
Running Current, Range (Amps) Max 12.1
Input, Cooling (Watts) 1940
Input, Range (Watts) Max 2600
Input, Heating (Watts) 2000
Input, Range (Watts) Max 2870
E.E.R. – Cooling 3.5
C.O.P. – Heating 4
Fan Speed 2
Air Circulation, High (l/s) 917
Compressor Type DC twin Rotary
Dimensions   620x790x290
Indoor Unit Hole Cutout Size (mm) 55
O.U. Sound Pressure Level (dBA@1mtr) 48
O.U. Sound Power Level (dBA) 64
Refrigerant Type R410A
Connection Pipe Sizes, Gas (mm) 2 X 9.52, 1 X 12.7
Connection Pipe Sizes, Liquid (mm) 3 X 6.35
Pre Charged Length (Metre) 30
Minimum Pipe Length (Metre) 15
Maximum Pipe Length per unit (Metre) 25
Maximum Pipe Height (Metre) 15 (IU TO OU)
Pipe Connection Methods Flare
Outdoor operating Temp, Cooling  -10 to 46
Outdoor operating Temp, Heating  -15 to 24

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6.8 kW Cooling
8.0 kW Heating

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