ActronAir Serene 2 WRE-072CS/WRC-072CS 7.2kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner


ActronAir Serene 2 WRE-072CS/WRC-072CS 7.2kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner Single Phase

Indoor: WRE-072CS

Outdoor: WRC-072CS

Remote Controller : RC-02 Remote Controller

3.5 Star Energy Rating

Save: $698.00


Save: $698.00

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Technical Information
Nett (Rated) Capacity (kW) (AS/NZS3823.1.1) Cooling (min – max) 7.20 (2.95 9.00)
Heating (min – max) 8.00 (3.50 – 9.50)
Input Power (kW) (AS/NZS3823.1.1) Cooling Rated 1.90
Heating Rated 2.05
1 EER Rated (AS/NZS3823.1.1)

2 COP Rated (AS/NZS3823.1.1)

Cooling Rated 3.79
Heating Rated 3.90
Star Rating (AS/NZS3823.1.1) Hot/Average/Cold Cooling 4 / 3.5 / 4
Heating 3.5 / 2.5 / 1.5
Power Supply – (V / Ph / Hz) Outdoor 220 – 240 V / 1Ph+N / 50Hz
Rated Load Amps (AS/NZS3823.1.1) Cooling 8.5
Heating 9.0
Full Load Amps (AS/NZS3823.1.1) 17.5
Circuit Breaker Amps 20.0
Suggested Minimum Mains Cable Size 4.0mm2
Suggested Minimum Indoor to Outdoor Cable Size & Type Size 1.5mm2
Type 3 Core + Earth
IP Rating Outdoor IP24
Indoor IP20
Moisture Removal (L/hr) 2.3
Compressor Inverter Rotary
Refrigerant R-32


Airflow Range Indoor (l/s)

Boost 370
High 320
Medium 230
Low 190

Outdoor Dimensions (mm)

Depth 342
Height 673
Width 890

Indoor Dimensions (mm)

Depth 275
Height 370
Width 1140
Nominal Weight (kgs) Outdoor 43.3
Indoor 19.7
4 Indoor Sound Pressure Level (dBA) (SI/Low / Med / High) 32 / 36 / 42 / 47
4 Outdoor Sound Pressure Level (dBA) 1m 60
5 Outdoor Sound Power Level (dBA) 69
Outdoor Operating Range (°C) Cooling -15°C to 60°C
Heating -25°C to 30°C
MEPS Certified Yes
All star performer
Serene is one of ActronAir’s most energy efficient air conditioners yet, with our 2.65kW model reaching the highly sought after 7 star energy rating*.
*7 star energy rating applies to WRC-026CS / WRE-026CS combination. Rated under new climate zone SEER rating.
More cooling in extreme heat
With a market-leading operating range of up to 60°c, Serene is guaranteed to keep working in hotter temperatures. Not only that, Serene is also able to maintain far better capacity in extreme heat than comparable systems, which provides you with more cooling comfort right when you need it most.
R32 for efficient energy performance
Serene uses R32 refrigerant – a gas that offers a low Global Warming Potential – reducing its impact on our environment.
AC vs DC for rockin’ efficiency and performance
Serene uses more energy efficient Direct Current (DC) inverter technology in its inverter compressor, indoor fan and outdoor fan. While some competitors use less efficient AC technology, or combinations of both, we choose DC technology as it can make a huge difference to your electricity bill. With an impressive 25 frequency stages, our DC inverter compressor is up to 35% more efficient than AC technology, while Serene’s DC outdoor fan with five speed settings is up to 40% more efficient. The result is improved efficiencies overall, as well as optimal cooling performance at high and low ambient temperatures, and quieter operation on part load.
3D Airflow
3D Airflow provides total comfort coverage, ensuring that airflow is distributed evenly throughout the room for more complete comfort.
Intuitive Proximity Sensor
When activated, the Intuitive Proximity Sensor enables Serene to detect human movement, allowing it to run at reduced capacity when there’s been nobody in the room for 30 minutes. And to ensure you stay comfortable, it’s smart enough to automatically revert back whenever someone re-enters the room.

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7.2 kW Cooling
8.0 kW Heating

R32 | New Model Serene 2

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