TOSHIBA Multi Hi-Wall RAS-M24E2KV2G-A 7.0kW Indoor Unit Only


TOSHIBA Multi Hi-Wall RAS-M24E2KV2G-A 7.0kW Indoor Unit Only

Indoor unit   RAS-M24E2KV2G-A
Rated Cooling Capacity kW 7.10
Rated Heating Capacity kW 8.10
Dimensions [H x W x D] mm 250 x 1050 x 320
Net Weight Kg 14
Airflow Cooling l/s 298
Airflow Heating 313
Liquid Pipe Size mm 6.35
Gas Pipe Size 12.70


The new Toshiba indoor units are a perfect fusion of aesthetics and technology. With their discreet look, their flowing lines, and simple curves, they are truly a high-tech decorative ornament. Their harmonious design and highly compact sizes blend perfectly into any home decor.

SEIYA has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. Offering an array of features and high performance making everyday comfort a reality for all.

  • Ultra-quiet unit
  • Magic Coil (Acrylic Resin Coated)
  • Self Cleaning function
  • IAQ Filter
  • WiFi Control option

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7.0 kW Cooling
8.1 kW Heating

Low Noise | Self Cleaning Function

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