MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSZLN50VG2RKIT 5.0kW Red Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner


MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSZLN50VG2RKIT 5.0kW Red Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner

Indoor: MSZ-LN50VG2R-A1

Outdoor: MUZ-LN50VG2-A1

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Model Name MSZ-LN50VG2V/B/R
Outdoor Unit MUZ-LN50VG2-A1
Indoor Unit Red MSZ-LN50VG2R-A1
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 5.0
Capacity [Min – Max] kW 1.0 – 6.0
Total Input [Rated] kW 1.380
Total Input [Min – Max] kW 0.190-2.330
EER 3.62
AEER 3.61
New Star Rating Hot & Humid 3.5
Mixed 3.5
Cold 3.5
Running Current [Rated] A 6.3
SPL -In [Quiet/Low/Med/Hi/SH*] dB(A) 27-46
SPL – Out [PWL] dB(A) 51 (64)
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet-SHi] L/S 95-232
Capacity [Rated] kW 6.0
Capacity [Min – Max] kW 1.0-8.2
Total Input [Rated] kW 1.480
Total Input [Min – Max] kW 0.170-3.000
COP 4.05
ACOP 4.04
New Star Rating Hot & Humid 3.0
Mixed 2.5
Cold 2.0
Running Current [Rated] A 6.8
SPL -In [Quiet-SHi] dB(A) 25-47
SPL – Out [PWL] dB(A) 54 (66)
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet-SHi] L/S 82-262
Diameter (Gas/Liquid) mm 9.52/6.35
Max. Length/Height m 20/12
Indoor Unit
Input [Rated] (Cooling/Heating) W 29/34
Dimensions [HxWxD] mm 307x890x233
Weight kg 16.0
Outdoor Unit
Dimensions [HxWxD] mm 714x800x285
Weight kg 40
Breaker Size A 16
Guaranteed Operating Range (Cooling) ºC -10 ~ 46
Guaranteed Operating Range (Heating) ºC -15 ~ 24


Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

Dual split vane technology

The unique dual split vane design allows airflow to be customised to suit different areas of the room, by independently directing air upwards, downwards or to the side.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Unlock the door to smarter cooling and heating for total home comfort, with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

R32 refrigerant

R32 is a refrigerant with just one-third the global warming potential of R410A, meaning less risk of harm to the environment. R32 enables increased energy efficiency, and is said to be the next generation in refrigerants. Also compatible with R410A for connecting to multi-split systems.

Dual barrier coating

Developed by Mitsubishi Electric, Dual Barrier Coating designed to reduce dust and greasy dirt from collecting in the unit, providing long-lasting protection to the heat exchanger, fan and air ducts. Another feature invented by Mitsubishi Electric.


An infrared ray sensor that measures the temperature at distant positions. While moving to the left and right, eight vertically arranged sensor elements analyse the room temperature.

Quiet operation

A “Quiet Mode” setting has been added to the fan speed settings, ensuring super quiet operation below 19 dB for model sizes 35 and under. Perfect for the bedroom; it’s so quiet you’ll check to see if it’s on.

Plasma filter

The multi-stage filtration system is designed to effectively neutralise contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria ensuring the circulation of fresh, clean air back into the room.

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5.0 kW Cooling
6.0 kW Heating

Built-In WIFI | Plasma Quad Plus Filter
(Coming Soon)

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