Toshiba MMY-MUP2001HT8P-A 56.4kW Outdoor Unit Only | Ultimate VRF


Toshiba MMY-MUP2001HT8P-A 56.0kW Outdoor Unit Only | Ultimate VRF

Name                                        MMY-     MUP2001HT8P-A
Cooling capacity kW 56.0
Power input kW       C 16.00
EER kW 3.50
Running current A          C 24.6
Heating capacity kW 63.0
Power input kW       H 16.57
COP kW 3.80
Running current A          H 25.4
Maximum overcurrent protection A  


Name MMY- MUP2001HT8P-A
Air flow l/s 4416
Sound power level dB(A) C 86.0
Sound pressure level dB(A) C 63.0
Sound power level dB(A) H 90.0
Sound pressure level dB(A) H 67.0
External Static Pressure Pa 80
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 1690 x 1290 x 780
Weight kW 334
Compressor type Hermetic Triple Rotary
Refrigerant charge R410a kg        H 9.0
Gas line type & diameter Brazed – 1-1/8”
Liquid line type & diameter A         H Brazed – 5/8”
Farthest piping equivalent length m 210
Farthest piping real length  




Maximum total extension of piping length  




Maximum lift (indoor unit above / below)*1  



40 / 110

Operating range – DB °C        C -5 ~ 52
Operating range – WB °C        H -25 ~ 15.5
Power supply V-Ph-Hz 400(380/415)-3-50

DLC Treatment

Toshiba’s Diamond-Like Carbon coating technology is unique to Toshiba VRF compressors. It covers the wear surfaces on compression vanes for outstanding hardness and wear resistance, enhancing both the compressor’s performance and durability.

Triple Rotary Compressor

The advanced technology used within SMMS-u results in a robust and durable system. The innovations made with Toshiba triple rotary compressor delivers an even stronger and more reliable system.

SMMS-u integrates new features to adapt operations to local constraints with a constant target: the alliance of comfort and energy savings.


SMMS-u can maximise heating capacity by improved new heating operation and defrost operation.

Individual defrost continuous heating for up to 5 hours. Newly developed modular defrosting system. This new control can be utilised in modular systems only.


Mixing 0.1Hz compressor speed control with a high precision pulse motor valve, SMMS-u delivers the right quantity of refrigerant to all indoor units in demand. The advanced intelligent VRF control continually adjusts the operation of both indoor and outdoor units, based on the feedback from multiple sensors.


SMMS-u introduces an all-new refrigeration circuit design. This new design has been developed to take advantage of the multiple enhancements that have been made to the SMMS-u design.

 New Heat Exchanger

  • Double design for 8HP to 14HP
    & 16HP
  • Triple design for 16HP to 24HP

New Fan Propeller Design

  • Maximise Air Flow
  • Increased static pressure [80Pa]

New Inverter IPDU Cooling

  • Direct feed from the condenser

New Liquid Tank Removal

  • New Refrigeration distribution control

New Accumulator

  • Reduction in pressure drop
  • New Oil / Refrigerant pipe design

New Oil Management Control

  •  New Oil circuit design
  • New Oil level detection control
  • New Oil dilution detection control
  • New Smart oil flow control
  • Oil balance line between outdoors removed

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56.0 kW Cooling
63.0 kW Heating

Super-efficient | Compact chassis

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