SAMSUNG AC140TNHPKG/SA 14.0kW Ducted S2+ Inverter Air Conditioner System 3 Phase


Indoor : AC140TNHPKG/SA 14kW Duct S2+, splittable indoor, R32
Outdoor : AC140TXAPNG/SA 13.6/14kW Universal outdoor (Duct S2/S2+, Cassettes) R32
Controller : MWR-WE13N Local Controller, wired, NASA


Model Name System

Indoor unit AC140TNHPKG/SA
Outdoor unit AC140TXAPNG/SA


Cooling (Min/Std/Max) kW 5.5 / 14.0 / 17.5
Heating (Min/Std/Max) kW 4.0 / 16.5 / 19.5



Energy grade (Cooling) EER 3.40
Energy grade (Heating) COP 3.80
Energy grade (Cooling) AEER 3.39
Energy grade (Heating) ACOP 3.80


MCA A 20.0
MFA A 20.0






Indoor Unit

Power supply Φ, #, V, Hz 1-phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Airflow rate (H, M, L) l/s 1,000 / 833 / 650
ESP (L,M,H) Pa 0 / 61 / 150
Sound pressure @ 1.5m (H/L) dB(A) 46 / 41 / 36
Supply air opening (WxH) mm 1154 x 243
Return air opening (WxH) mm 2 x spigot, each spigot to suit Ø16” (Ø400mm) round flexible duct
Net weight kg 66.5
Unit dimensions (WxHxD) mm 1350 x 360 x 899
Drain connection size mm OD 32 / ID 25
Drain pump (sold separately) MDP-G075SP (external type), MDP-G075SQ (internal type)



Outdoor Unit

Power supply Φ, #, V, Hz 3-phase, 380-415V, 50Hz
Type Rotary
Sound pressure @ 1m (Cool/Heat) dB(A) 54 / 56
Sound power (Cooling – High) dB(A) 70
Net weight kg 100.5
Net dimensions (WxHxD) mm 940 x 1420 x 330




Liquid pipe mm, inch 9.52, 3/8″
Gas pipe mm, inch 15.8, 5/8″
Max. allowable piping length m 85
Max. allowable piping height (outdoor above indoor) m 30
Pre-charged length m 30

Operating Range

Cooling °C -15 to 50
Heating °C -20 to 24

Powerful Airflow with more fans than ever

The strong and robust construction of our Duct S2+ Indoor Unit brings a maximum of 25% more air-volume than our standard model* meaning you stay comfortable in all parts of your home.

Energy Superstar

Low Running Cost

The Duct S2+ is a highly energy efficient system. For an equivalent airflow, it uses less energy*. This leads to a low running cost – meaning you can use your Ducted system all day long without a hefty bill!

Easy to Install

Lightweight and Compact

Our Duct S2+ Indoor Units are designed to meet the needs of Australian homes. A lightweight and compact design with a quality finish makes the Duct S2+ easy to maneuver into any space.

Innovative Design

Splittable and Tapered

The Duct S2+ splittable type indoor unit can separate the fan and heat exchanger section, making it easier to position into tight roof space – perfect for renovations. The Duct S2+ indoor unit has a tapered fan motor section that fits in between roof trusses. Combined with hanging brackets positioned to minimise obstruction, installation has never been this easy.

Quiet, High Performance

Twin BLDC Compressor and Auto ESP

With a rotary compressor and auto ESP the Duct S2+ heats and cools your spaces in a matter of minutes and maintains optimal air-volume automatically. Able to function in areas with outside air temperatures between −15°C to 50°C for cooling and −20°C to 24°C for heating, enjoy maximum comfort in any Australian environment.

Hello R32 Refrigerant!

Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant

Samsung has added the new eco-friendly R32 refrigerant to its air conditioning range. R32 Refrigerant has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP)* and a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) effect – which helps to protect the ozone layer!

Cool your home from anywhere

Wi-Fi and the SmartThings app

Connect your Samsung Ducted AC to your WiFi network using Wi-Fi kit MIM-H04AN, (sold separately). Control your home air conditioner from anywhere, at any time using the Samsung SmartThings App. You can control and monitor the air conditioner remotely with just a touch. The Wi-Fi kit helps you to centrally control your Samsung TV, appliances and other compatible smart devices. All you need to do is download the Samsung Smart Home App* to easily check the list of connected compatible devices, name and status.

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14.0 kW Cooling
16.5 kW Heating

R32 | Splittable Indoor

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