Daikin Air Purifier MC30YPVM | Rooms up to 46m2


Daikin Air Purifier MC30YPVM | Rooms up to 46m2

Market-Leading Streamer Technology

  • Eliminates Pollen
  • Eliminates Mould
  • Eliminates Allergens

Anti-pollen mode | 4 Layers of filtration | Triple detection sensor | Turbo mode | Ultra quiet operation 19dBA

    • Compact
      Standing at just 450mm high, the new MC30 is Daikin’s most compact and affordable model without compromising on quality – ideal for smaller rooms up to 46m2 such as bedrooms and studies.
    • New ‘Fresh Mode’
      New to the MC30, Fresh Mode uses a combination of Turbo Fan Mode and Streamer operation to quickly clean the air in a room for 120 minutes before automatically resuming Standard Fan Mode.
  • 4 layers of filtration
    1. Prefilter – captures large particulates such as dust, bacteria and allergens.
    2. Streamer Technology – oxidative decomposition continuously removes odours, bacteria, formaldehyde.
    3. HEPA filter – electrostatic filter able to remove 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3µm1.
    4. Deodorising filter – odours are absorbed by the deodorising catalyst keeping your air clean and fresh.


Rooms up to 46m2
Airflow Rate: 180m3/h

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