DAIKIN FDYAN160A-CY 15.5kW Inverter Ducted System 3 Phase | BRC230Z8B Zone Controller


DAIKIN FDYAN160A-CY 16kW Inverter Ducted System | Back lit Controller | 3 Phase

Inverter Ducted Technology | R32 New Model

Indoor : FDYAN160AV1

Outdoor : RZA160CY1

Controller : BRC230Z8B 8 Zone Controller

Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 15.5
Heat (kW) 18.0
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 7.3-16.3
Heat (kW) 7.3-18.2
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 4.95
Heat (kW) 4.90
E.E.R/C.O.P C/H 3.13/3.67
TCSPF (Residential) Hot/Average/ Cold 4.05/3.76/3.87
HSPF (Residential) Hot/Average/ Cold 3.87/3.53/3.12
Airflow Rate  (Nominal/Max) l/s 950/1120
Indoor Sound Level (H) @ 1.5m dBA (C/H) 47.9/50.7
Piping Length m 50
Indoor Fan Speeds H/M/L
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 360x1520x935
Outdoor (mm) 1430x940x320
Weight Indoor (kg) 56
Outdoor (kg) 99
Power Supply V/Hz 3 Phase, 380-415V, 50Hz
Compressor Type Hermetically Sealed Swing Type
Refrigerant R32
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm) 9.5 (Flare)
Gas (mm) 15.9 (Flare)
Drain (mm) ID 25/OD 32
Supply Air Opening mm (HxW, Flange) 245×1152
Return Air Opening mm 2×400 (Oval)
Outdoor Operating Range Cool (°CDB) -5 to 46
Heat (°CWB) -15 to 16
EPA Sound Power Level dBA 75
Outdoor Sound Level (H) @ 1m Pressure dBA (C/H) 56/58



Improved Energy Efficiency

Improved Energy Efficiency

Achieved through the use of a DC Fan motor, cross-pass heat exchanger and increased outdoor coil passes.


Compact Indoor Unit

Low profile height of ≤360mm to fit comfortably into the tight roof space of a modern home.


Space Saving Outdoor Unit

Models up to 19.5kW are encased in a space saving side discharge outdoor unit allowing for flexible placement.

Night Quiet Mode

Night Quiet Mode

Reduces the outdoor noise levels during sleeping hours and automatically resumes normal operations in the morning.

R22-Retrofit Capability

R22 Retrofit Capability

Provides a cost effective and convenient upgrade from an existing R22 ducted system whilst retaining the field piping (5.0-15.5kW Models).


Australian Made

Indoor units are specifically designed and manufactured to Australian standards to withstand the harsher summer climate.


Zone Control, available on all ducted systems, allows you to group specified rooms within a particular “zone”.

This allows you to target within an established zone the specific rooms you want to heat or cool with your ducted system, rather than running your entire ducted system in the entire home or business.

Zoning can help maximise energy efficiency and comfort by specifically targeting heating and cooling.

For example, you may want to assign bedrooms to Zone One and the living areas to Zone Two etc., to thus enable these specific areas to be cooled or heated individually when needed.

View the brochure of Daikin Inverter Ducted 3 Phase Air Conditioners with 8 Zones

FDYQN160LA-LV is the old model which has been replaced by FDYAN160A-CV [R32]


15.5 kW Cooling
18.0 kW Heating

Includes 8 Zone Controller | 240V

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