ActronAir Cascade Inverter Cassette Split Systems


A perfect fit for suspended or ‘floating’ ceilings, the ceiling mounted Cascade cassette system covers a wide range of applications, such as residential, retail and commercial spaces.

The Cascade has many state-of-the-art features, including 360° airflow, which delivers air from not only all four sides but from all four corners as well. It’s also stylishly attractive, with a discrete design that complements any surrounding.

1 Phase
7.10kW, 10.0kW, 12.50kW, 14.0kW

Inverter Twin-Rotary

Operating Range

-25ºC – 50ºC

Indoor Features

Stylish, space saving convenience

Aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive, Cascade sits well out of the way, providing maximum comfort without attracting attention.

Comfort from every angle

For complete coverage Cascade delivers 360º airflow from not only its four sides, but also from its four corners.

Customised air control

Independent vane control gives you the flexibility to set different angles in each direction allowing you to customise airflow depending on where you need it most.

More cooling in extreme heat

With a market-leading operating range of up to 50°C, Cascade is guaranteed to keep working in hotter temperatures. Not only that, Cascade is also able to maintain far better capacity in extreme heat than comparable systems, which provides you with more cooling comfort right when you need it most.

Twin system for double the comfort

The Cascade cassette system has an additional feature, ideal for especially long rooms, or two adjacent areas of the same size. Intelligent engineering allows you to connect two smaller indoor units to the one outdoor unit. In a format that is essentially a ‘master and slave’ connection between the two indoor heads, it means the single Cascade system is able to condition more than the single space.


Better control on the wall
The WC-02 wired wall controller features a large screen and buttons, all in easy to read ‘plain English’, for more logical and legible daily use.
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