Gree FM-1.25-12K 1200mm Air Curtain Air Volume 1650l/s

SKU: FM-1.25-12K

Gree FM-1.25-12K 1200mm Air Curtain Air Volume 1650l/s

1 year warranty.


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Power Supply: 220~230/50V/Hz
Power Input: 140W
Airflow Volume: 1650l/s
Airflow Velocity: 8m/s
Min Install Height: 2.5m
Max Install Height: 3.0m
Sound Pressure Level (H/L): 61/56dB(A)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
External Dimensions: 1200x215x193mm
Net Weight: 20kg

Energy Savings

By providing environmental separation between indoor and outdoor temperatures, recent studies have shown that by fitting an air curtain you can save up to 33% of your HVAC running costs. Pay back for some commercial applications can be as little as 21 weeks.

Lower Construction Costs

With the use of Gree Air Curtains architects can design a building without vestibules, which can save on construction costs and provide more retail floor space.

Improved Working Conditions

Keeps out ambient air at door openings and re-circulates conditioned air from ceiling to floor for more comfortable working conditions

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1200m Air Curtain
Air Volume 1200l/s
Min Install Height: 2.5m

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