Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Typical Layout

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Types of Ducted Grilles

Round Grille         Linear Slot             Linear Bar Grille

4- Way Grille       Double Deflector Grille    Jet Blowers

Bevel Face           Floor Register        Return Air Egg crate Grille

How to choose right Grille ?

For residential applications round type or 4 -way are common .
For higher ceilings 4-way grills are multi directional and have louvres to aim air in downwards direction.

For a more designer look Linear bar and Linear slot can be used.

In Commercial applications such as offices bevel face and round jet type are generally used.

Ducted System Installations for Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne

  • Please provide preferred Brand/Manufacturer
  • Number of Zones and number of outlets you require.
  • What type of Grill/outlets -square,round type, linear
  • Do you require a Zone Controller
  • Single phase or three phase available
  • Single or Double Storey Property
  • Provide us with your plans
  • For domestic and commercial installations 60 percent is required for rough in and 40 percent on finish off are usual terms.