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Indoor Air Quality and Health

Did you know that Australians spend around 90% of their time indoors? While we’re all very aware of what affects outdoor air quality, we don’t often consider what our indoor air quality is like and how it could impact the health of our family. The air inside any home contains a range of pollutants and allergens that can contribute to poor indoor air quality, leading to potentially serious health problems for occupants. Daikin are dedicated in delivering products and technologies that not only create a comfortable living environment, but also a healthy environment. Their innovative range of air purifiers is designed to greatly reduce the presence of contaminants in the home so you can rest easy knowing your indoor air quality is at an optimum level.

Market-Leading Streamer Technology

The secret to high performance air purification is Daikin’s Streamer Technology. This innovative technology features a high power plasma discharge that generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances. This powerful oxidative decomposition process continuously removes odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde for superior air purification.

Compared to standard plasma discharge, the speed of oxidative decomposition is over 1000 times greater with the same electrical power!

How effective is Daikin Streamer Technology?

eliminates pollen
eliminates mould
eliminates allergen

The Daikin Air Purifier range

Feature-packed for cleaner, fresher, healthier air

  • 4 Layers of filtration

Features Prefilter, Deodorising Filter, High Efficiency Particulate filter and Daikin’s signature Streamer Technology.

  • Anti-pollen mode

By creating gentle air turbulence from fan speed modulation, pollen is trapped by the air filters before it settles.

  • Triple detection sensor

Dust, PM2.5 particles and odour levels are displayed on the top of unit for easy live monitoring.

  • Turbo mode

High power operation for quick removal of pollutants. Ideal for use when there is a sudden increase of occupants in the room.

  • Ultra quiet operation

Whisper quiet operation with sound levels of as low as 19dBA (in Quiet Mode).

  • Auto fan mode

Airflow is optimised to suit contamination levels detected from the sensors for efficient energy usage.

  • Wireless controller

A wireless remote controller is included with MC(K)55YPVM models for simple, convenient operation at your fingertips.

  • Econo mode

Automatically switches between ‘Quiet’ & ‘Low’ operation mode to suit contamination levels. Ideal for sleeping hours.

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