TOSHIBA RAV-SM566BTP-E / RAV-SP564ATP-A1 Standard Ducted System Single Phase / RBC-AMS54E-ES Backlit Wired Control with Timer.

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Model: Indoor RAV-SM566BTP-E / Outdoor RAV-SP564ATP-A Single Phase / 5.0kW Cooling - 5.6kW Heating Capacity / TOSHIBA Super Digital Inverter Standard Ducted System / Backlit Wired Control with Timer RBC-AMS54E-ES
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Indoor RAV-SM566BTP-E
Outdoor RAV-SP564ATP-A1
Refrigerant Type R410A
Power Supply/PH/FREQ Units 220-240V/1/50Hz
Cooling Capacity - Rated kW 4.9
Capacity - Range (min ~ max) kW 1.2-5.6
Efficiency (rated) EER 3.25
Power Input (min~rated~max) kW 0.21/1.51/2.05
Operating Current (rated) A 7.00
Heating Capaciy - Rated kW 5.6
Capacity - Range (min~max) kW 0.9-7.4
Efficiency (rated) COP 3.61
Power Input (min~rated~max) kW 0.17/1.55/2.51
Operating Current (rated) A 7.18
Indoor Unit Dimension (HxWxD) mm 275x700x750
Net Weight kg 23
Airflow Volume (H/L) L/s 222/133
Fan Motor Output W 150
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H/M/L) at 1m distance dBA(@spl) 33/29/25
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H/M/L) dbA(@swl) 55/51/46
Outdoor Unit Dimension (HxWxD) mm 550x780x290
Net Weight kg 44
Compressor Type - DC Twin Rotary
Fan Motor Output W 43
Cooling Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H) at 1m distance dBA(@spl) 47
Cooling Operating Noise (Sound Power) (H) dBA(@swl) 63
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H) at 1m distance dBA(@spl) 48
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Power) (H) dbA(@swl) 64
Cooling Usable Temperature Range OC (-15)~43
Heating Usable Temperature Range OC (-20)~15
Pipe Size Liquid Line ∅ mm 6.4
Gas Line ∅ mm 12.7
Coupler Style  - Flare
Maximum Length m 50
Chargeless Length m 20
Maximum Height Differnce m 30

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