Samsung AR09TXEABWKNSA / AR09TXEABWKXSA 2.5kW GEO Wind-Free Wall Mounted Split System | R32


Samsung AR09TXEABWKNSA/ AR09TXEABWKXSA 2.5kW GEO Wind-Free Wall Mounted Split | R32 AR9500

Demand Response Enabled Device (D.R.E.D) Enabled

Efficient compressor for efficient cooling

Tri-Care Filter


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Model Indoor




Capacity Refrigerant R32
Cooling kW 0.9 / 2.5 / 4.1
Heating kW 0.8 / 3.2 / 6.3
Energy Efficiency EER 5.36
COP 5.09
AEER 5.25
ACOP 5.01
Star rating (Cooling) 6.0
Star rating (Heating) 5.5
Electrical Data Power source (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 220~240 / 50
Current input, cooling (Min/Std/Max) A 1.2 / 2.5 / 4.4
Current input, heating (Min/Std/Max) A 1.0 / 3.2 / 6.6
MCA (Minimum circuit amperes) A 10.5
MFA (Maximum fuse amperes) A 15
Indoor unit Airflow rate, cooling (T/H/M/L) L/s 185 / 160 / 135 / 102
Airflow rate, heating (T/H/M/L) L/s 218 / 193 / 168 / 135
Sound pressure level @1m, cooling, (H/Quiet) dBA 40 / 17
Unit weight kg 10.6
Shipping weight kg 12
Unit dimensions (WxHxD) mm 889 x 299 x 215
Shipping dimensions (WxHxD) mm 950 x 290 x 375
Outdoor unit Compressor type BLDC Rotary
Sound pressure level @1m, cooling dBA 45
Unit weight kg 37.8
Shipping weight kg 40.8
Unit dimensions (WxHxD) mm 880 x 638 x 310
Shipping dimensions (WxHxD) mm 1,023 x 724 x 413
Installation Liquid pipe mm, inch 6.35, 1/4″
Gas pipe mm, inch 9.52, 3/8″
Max piping length m 15
Max piping height m 8
Operating Range Cooling -10 to 46
Heating -15 to 24

WindFree™* Good Sleep

WindFree™™ Good Sleep mode can help you to create the ideal sanctuary for sleeping – without an unpleasant cold air flow. Its temperature control with WindFree™* Cooling can help you to set the environment for deep, comfortable sleep to wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Tri-Care Filter

Keep the air hygienic and maintain the performance of the Heat Exchanger with a Tri-Care Filter. Its 3 layers include a high-density filter that is designed to help extract large dust particles, fibers and even animal hairs. It also has a Zeolite Coating Filter that is designed to help capture fine dust, and reduce certain potentially dangerous viruses, bacteria and allergens.

Auto Clean Function

When the Air Conditioner unit is turned off, the Auto Clean function automatically runs the fan on low speed for a period of time to dry off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. This keeps it dry to minimise the growth of bacteria.

Wi-Fi and the SmartThings app

Control your home air conditioner from anywhere, at anytime using the Samsung SmartThings App. You can control and monitor the air conditioner remotely with just a touch.##

AI Auto Cooling

AI Auto Cooling* is designed to automatically optimise the various modes by analysing room conditions and usage patterns.** Based on your preferred temperature, it can automatically switch to the most appropriate mode to maintain desirable conditions.

5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Samsung wall-mounted splits are supported by 5-year parts and labour warranty for residential applications.

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2.5 kW Cooling
3.2 kW Heating

Tri-Care Filter | WIFI | Wind-Free

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