SAMSUNG AC200JNHFKH/SA 20.0kW Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System 3 Phase


20.0kW Cooling – 22.5kW Heating SAMSUNG F-AC200JXAFNH1 Ducted Air Conditioner Three Phase. Indoor AC200JNHFKH/SA – Outdoor AC200JXAFNH/SA / Backlit Wired Controller MWR-WE10N

Model Name Indoor Unit AC200JNHFKH/SA
Outdoor Unit AC200JXAFNH/SA
Power Supply Indoor Unit kW 220-240V 1-phase
Outdoor Unit kW 380-415V 3-phase
Capacity Cooling (Min/Std/Max)1 6.2/20.0/22.5
Heating (Min/Std/Max)2 5.0/22.5/25.0
Efficiency EER (Std, Cooling) 3.3
COP (Std, Heating) 3.7
Circuit Amps MCA A 25.0
MFA A 31.3
Indoor unit Airflow Rate (H,M,L) l/s 1200/1016/850
ESP (H,M,L) Pa 196/72/49
Sound Pressure @ 1.5m (H/L)3 dB(A) 44/40/36
Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 1,350 x 450 x 910
Weight kg 82.5
Supply Air Opening (WxH) mm 1284 x 360
Return Air Opening (WxH) mm 1284 x 360
Drain pipe connection mm OD25, ID20
Drain pump (Optional) MDP-G075SQ (internal type), MDP-G075SP (externl type)
Outdoor Unit Compressor Type BLDC Scroll
Sound Pressure @ 1m (H/L)3 dB(A) 57.0/59.0
Weight kg 190
Unit Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 880 x 1,695 x 765
Pipe Connection Liquid Pipe mm, in 9.52, 3/8″
Gas Pipe mm, in 19.05, 3/4″
Installation Max. Length m 150(150)
Max. Height m 50(40)
Refrigerant Type R410A
Factory Charge kg 8.0
Additional Charge kg +60g/m over 30m
Operating Temp. Range Cooling -15 to 50
Heating -20 to 24
1) Nominal cooling capacities are based on;
Indoor temperature: 27℃ DB, 19℃ WB
Outdoor temperature: 35℃ DB, 24℃ WB
2) Nominal heating capacities are based on;
Indoor temperature: 20˚DB, 15˚WB
Outdoor temperature: 7℃ DB, 6℃ WB
Equivalent piping: 5m (16kW, 18kW), 7.5m (20kW), level differnce 0m
3) Sound pressure was acquired in an anechoic room, actual noise level may be different depending on installation conditions. Specifications may be subject to change without prior notice due to product development


20.0 kW Cooling
22.5 kW Heating

R410A | Includes MWR-WE13N

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