Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation LGH-25RVX-E


Clean, fresh air | Energy efficient heat recovery

Includes a Lossnay Wired 7 Day Controller PZ-61DR-E


Airflow (m³/h) – Lossnay Ventilation – SP4-SP3-SP2-SP1 250-188-125-63
Noise (dB(A)) – Lossnay Ventilation – SP4-SP3-SP2-SP1 27-22-20-17
Width x Depth x Height (mm) 780 x 735 x 289
Weight (kg) 23
Electrical Supply 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Power Input (W)  – SP4-SP3-SP2-SP1 62-33-16-7.5
Starting Current (A) 0.8 or less
Running Current – SP4-SP3-SP2-SP1 0.48-0.28-0.16-0.10
Temperature Exchange Efficiency (%) – SP4-SP3-SP2-SP1 79-80-82-86

Bypass Ventilation Mode

Stale room air is discharged to outside without passing through the Lossnay core. In spring and autumn when air conditioning is not necessary, the unit operates in bypass ventilation mode.

Heat recovery ventilation

Heat is recovered from the outgoing stale air. This heat is utilised to pre-heat incoming fresh air so your heating system is not required to work as hard to maintain desired room temperature.

Lossnay Ventilation Mode

Room air is discharged to outside via Lossnay core. Heat exchanged outside air is supplied to the room. In summer and winter, air conditioning energy can be recovered by Lossnay unit.

Filter (Supplied)

Filter cuts pollen and dust for fresh clean air. Replacement part no. P-220F-E. (G3 grade Classification :EN779:2012)

High Efficiency Supply Air filter (Optional)

The supply filter can be upgraded to the high efficency option, a non-washable high efficiency filter (M6 grade Classification :EN779:2012)

Night Purge (Requires PZ-61DR-E controller)

During the summer season, the Night Purge mode draws cooler outside air into the room at night. This energy conservation mode reduces the load when the air conditioning is started up the next morning. With new models, it is possible to manually engage and set the night purge operation.

Simultaneous air supply and exhaust

Lossnay is the ultimate home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air from outside, while removing both moisture and stale indoor air at the same time. Bringing in fresh air into the house can help improve air quality by lowering the amount of CO2.

  • Air volume 42 l/s (model 15) to 556 l/s (model 200)
  • Clean, fresh air
  • Energy efficient heat recovery
  • Simultaneous air supply and exhaust stale air
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Use with Mr Slim and City Multi systems
  • Fresh air without windows open
  • Retains heat
  • Washable supply air filter

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69 l/s


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