Kaden KSI28 8.0kW Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner | R32


Kaden KSI28 8.0kW Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner | R32

Designed specifically for Australian conditions, Kaden wall-mounted air conditioners deliver enduring performance matched with whisper-quiet operation.


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Product Specifications

Size and Dimensions

Connection Size (Liquid) 3/8″
Connection Size (Gas) 5/8″
Indoor Unit Height 337 mm
Indoor Unit Depth 234 mm
Indoor Unit Width 1082 mm
Indoor Unit Weight 13.3 kg
Outdoor Unit Height 673 mm
Outdoor Unit Width 890 mm
Outdoor Unit Depth 342 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight 43.3 kg
Pre-Charged Pipe Length 15 mtr
Maximum Pipe Length 50 mtr
Maximum Height Difference 25 mtr

Inclusions and Exclusions

Items Sold Separately Kaden KSI Wifi Dongle
25A Circuit Breaker
Inclusions KS28 ndoor
KS28 Outdoor

General Information

Model Number KSI28 Kit
Product Type Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Technical Information

Refrigerant Type R32
Refrigerant Quantity 1.4 kg
Cooling Capacity (KW) 8 kW
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max) 2.95-9 kW
Cooling Input (KW) 2.35 kW
Cooling Input (Min-Max) 0.94-2.59 kW
Cooling Star Rating In Hot Climate 3.5
Cooling Star Rating In Average Climate 3.5
Cooling Star Rating In Cold Climate 3.5
Heating Star Rating In Hot Climate 3.5
Heating Star Rating In Average Climate 2
Heating Star Rating In Cold Climate 1.5
Heating Capacity (KW) 8.5 kW
Heating Capacity (Min-Max) 3.5-9.5 kW
Heating Input (KW) 2.25 kW
Heating Input (Min-Max) 0.9-2.48 kW
AEER/EER (Rated Conditions) 3.4
ACOP/COP (Rated Conditions) 3.8
Hertz 50Hz
Phase 1

Pressure Information

Sound Pressure Level Indoor (High) 64 dBA
Sound Pressure Level Outdoor (High) 67 dBA

Power Information

Full Load Amps 17.5 A
Power Supply 220-240V

Wi-Fi Compatible (dongle sold separately)

Connect and control your KSI from wherever you are from your smartphone.


Set your unit to turn On or Off at a specific time between 30 mins to 24 hours.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode helps you get to sleep in comfort without compromise, switching off the operation after 5 hours.

Anti-cold function

Prevents cool air from leaving the system during heating mode start to maximise comfort.

R32 refrigerant

The new standard in refrigerant, R32, is more energy efficient and less harmful to the planet.

Intelligent standby

When the unit enters standby mode, energy consumption is reduced by 80-90%.

Variable fan speeds

Choose from 6 fan speeds to maximise your comfort.

Inverter technology

Inverter compressor technology provides optimised energy efficiency while maintaining the desired climate.

Gold fin protection

An anti-corrosive gold nano-coating that withstands salty air, prevents bacteria breeding and improves heat transfer.

High density filter

A hyper-dense filter traps irritants, bacteria, and dust to stop it from circulating around your home.

Clean air function

Engages and energizes the ion generator, releasing nano irons which cleanse, disinfect and purify the air.

Tri filters

Enjoy healthier air with a three-in-one filter that effectively breaks down harmful bacteria and odours.

System diagnosis

If your KSI detects an error, it will automatically shut down to prevent further damage.

Auto defrosting

Built for Australian conditions, in low temperatures the KSI will automatically defrost.

Operating temperature range

Ideal for all Australian climates, the KSI works in ambient temperatures ranging from -15°C to 50°C

Refrigerant leak detection

The KSI automatically detects refrigerant leaks, heightening safety and allowing rapid repair.

Split system air conditioners are designed to both cool and heat a single room or open space. The KSI split system is made up of an indoor unit, located on the wall, and an outdoor unit, located in a convenient position outside. They’re connected by piping that moves refrigerant between the two units to regulate temperature. Working together, the two units create your perfect climate inside.

To view the brochure of Kaden Split System Air Conditioner, click here.


8.0 kW Cooling
8.5 kW Heating

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