Kaden KD36 KIT 10.5kW Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System


Kaden Ducted Air Conditioner Kit KD36 10.5kW

Designed to efficiently cool or heat an entire home, Kaden reverse cycle ducted air conditioners allow you to regulate your home’s temperature effortlessly.

Provides a boost in cooling or heating power for a period of time, this allows you to reach your desired temperature quickly

Size and Dimensions

Connection Size (Liquid) 3/8″
Connection Size (Gas) 5/8″
Indoor Unit Depth 625 mm
Indoor Unit Width 1200 mm
Indoor Unit Height 380 mm
Indoor Unit Weight 53 kg
Outdoor Unit Width 946 mm
Outdoor Unit Depth 410 mm
Outdoor Unit Height 810 mm
Outdoor Unit Weight 69 kg

General Information

Control Manual Control
Model Number KD36

Technical Information

Refrigerant Type R410a
Cooling Capacity (KW) 10.5 kW
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max) 4.2 ~ 12.5
Heating Capacity (KW) 10.5 kW
Heating Capacity (Min-Max) 4.2 ~ 12.5kW
Air Flow (Ltr/Sec) 750 ltr/sec
Phase 1
Return Transition 1145 x 342mm
Supply Transition 1000 x 253mm

Power Information

Full Load Amps 21 A
Power Supply 240V

Designed to efficiently cool or heat an entire home, Kaden ducted reverse cycle air conditioners comprise an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is located inside your roof and the outdoor unit can be positioned in a convenient location outside your home. These two units work together to generate cool or warm air. They are connected by piping that carries refrigerant needed to cool or heat the air. The temperature and other settings are controlled by a wall-mounted Kaden controller.

The KD series of ducted air conditioners offer the ideal heating and cooling solution for your home. Incorporating the latest technology, the KD ducted series provides quiet operation in any environment. Working in ambient temperatures ranging from -15ºC to 50ºC, the KD series is perfect for the Australian environment.


  • Automatic operation

The unit will automatically select heating or cooling mode based on the current room conditions and set temperature.

  • Turbo mode

Provides a boost in cooling or heating power for a period of time, this allows you to reach your desired temperature quickly

  • On / Off function

The unit can be set to start and /or stop at a specified time.

  • Weekly timer

Set your unit to turn on and off at specific times for each day of the week.

  • Anti-cold air function

Prevents cold air from blowing out to avoid discomfort when the heating mode is started.

Energy Saving

  • DR function

Feature to enable power providers to reduce compressor speed to reduce energy consumption during periods of extreme demand. This function is disabled unless an agreement exists with your power supplier.

  • Auto temperature set

Allows a set preferred temperate that the unit will return to each time it is turned on.


  • Automatic fan speed

The unit will monitor the temperature in the room and adjust the fan speed accordingly to reach the temperature quickly and efficiently.

  • Eccentric fan design

A new eccentric fan design improves the airflow at the air outlet, resulting in better performance.


  • Easy servicing

The 7.0kW indoor unit is easily accessible from the bottom only. The 10.0kW-17.0kW is easily accessible from the top and the bottom

  • Built-in drain pump

Offering a built-in drain pump allows more flexibility with installation.

  • Self-diagnostics

If there is a part failure the unit will switch off automatically to protect your air conditioner. An error code will appear to assist with a fast and easy fix.

  • Auto defrosting

Prevents the evaporator from freezing in low-temperature environments.

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