FUJITSU SET-ARTG36LHTA 10.5kW Inverter Ducted System High Static 1 Phase


Fujitsu 10.5kW Cool – 12.1kW Heat / Inverter. Ducted. Single Phase. Indoor ARTG36LHTA – Outdoor AOTG36LATL

Wired Back lit Controller : UTY-RVNYN

Model No. – Indoor ARTG36LHTA
Model No. – Outdoor AOTG36LATL
Reverse Cycle System Yes
Capacity Class
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 10,500
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 35,800
Range (Watts) 5,000 – 11,400
Range (BTU/h) 17,100 – 38,900
Heating Capacity (Watts) 12,100
Heating Capacity (BTU/h) 41,300
Range (Watts) 5,100 – 14,000
Range (BTU/h) 17,400 – 47,800
Power Supply (Volts) 240
Phase-Frequency (Ph – Hz) 1 – 50
Power Supply Attachment Outdoor
Plug Size (If Applicable) N/A
Running Current, Cooling (Amps) 13.4
Running Current, Range (Amps) Max: 19.5
Input, Cooling (Watts) 3,180
Input, Range (Watts) Max: 4,670
Running Current, Heating (Amps) 13.9
Running Current, Range (Amps) Max: 20.1
Input, Heating (Watts) 3,300
Input, Range (Watts) Max 4,800
Input (Watts)
Moisture Removal (l/hr) 1.5
E.E.R. – Cooling 3.3
C.O.P. – Heating 3.67
Star Rating – Cooling
Star Rating – Heating
Fan Speed 3
Air Circulation, High (l/s) 700
Compressor Type DC Rotary
Dimensions – Inside Unit (HxWxD mm) 400 x 1,050 x 330
Weight – Inside Unit (kg) 86
Dimensions – Outside Unit (HxWxD mm) 1,290 x 900 x 330
Weight – Outside Unit (kg) 86
I.U. Sound Pressure Level (dBA@1mtr) 41
O.U. Sound Pressure Level (dBA@1mtr) 52
O.U. Sound Power Level (dBA) 68
Refrigerant Type R410A
Connection Pipe Sizes, Gas (mm) 15.88
Connection Pipe Sizes, Liquid (mm) 9.52
Pre Charged Length (Metre) 20
Minimum Pipe Length (Metre) 5
Maximum Pipe Length (Metre) 50
Maximum Pipe Height (Metre) 30
Pipe Connection Methods Flare
Outdoor operating Temp, Cooling ℃ – 5 to 46
Outdoor operating Temp, Heating ℃ -15 to 24

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment

When auto mode is selected for the fan, the micro-processor adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.

Economy mode

Limits the maximum operation current, and performs operation with the power consumption suppressed.

Control Port

External inputs and outputs contained within the product allow on/off control, fresh air interlock connection and heater bank element connection. UTD-ECS5A* (optional parts). * Selected ducted units only.


With All DC, electricity loss is decreased and power consumption reduced.


The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling modes based on the temperature setting and room temperature.

Fresh air intake

Fresh air can be taken in by a fan which can be connected using UTD-ECS5A* (optional parts). *Selected ducted units only

Weekly Timer

Different on-off times can be set for up to 7 days.

Auto Restart

Should there be temporary loss of power; the unit will automatically restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.

Filter sign

Indicates the filter cleaning period by lamp.

ON-OFF Timer

ON-OFF timer can be set to operate once every 24 hours.

Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

Corrosion-resistance of the heat exchanger in coastal areas has been improved by blue fin treatment of the outdoor unit heat exchange.

Connectable Distributing Duct

Conditioned air can be distributed to adjacent areas by means of a distribution duct.

Connectable Fresh Air Duct

Allows introduction of fresh air to occupied space.


10.5 kW Cooling
12.1 kW Heating

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment

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