Carrier Aura Ultimate 42QHB070N8-1 / 38QHB070N8-1 7kW Reverse Cycle Split System

SKU: 42QHB070N8-1 / 38QHB070N8-1

Carrier Aura Ultimate 42QHB070N8-1 / 38QHB070N8-1 7kW Reverse Cycle Split System

Inverter Hi-Wall Split System – Aura Ultimate

  Indoor   42QHB070N8-1
  – Outdoor   38QHB070N8-1
  Refrigerant Type   R32
Power Supply Volts- Phase-Hz 220-240V,


COOLING Capacity – Rated kW 7.00
Capacity – Range (Min / Max) kW 3.31/7.96
Seasonal Efficiency (Hot / Average / Cold) Star Rating 3.5/3.5/3.5
Operating Current A 8.50
HEATING Capacity – Rated kW 8.25
Capacity – Range (Min / Max) kW 2.49/8.20
Seasonal Efficiency (Hot/Average/Cold) Star Rating 3.5/2/1.5
Operating Current A 9.30
INDOOR UNIT Dimension (W×D×H) mm 1080x226x335
Packing (W×D×H) mm 1155x415x320
Net/Gross Weight kg 13.7/17.3
Cooling Airflow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m³/hr 1165/1053/933
Moisture Removal L/hr 2.10
Sound Pressure (Hi/Mi/Lo) – 1m dB(A) (@spl) 48.5/46/43
OUTDOOR UNIT Dimension (W×D×H) mm 890x342x673
Packing (W×D×H) mm 995x398x740
Net Weight / Gross Weight kg 43.3/46
Inverter Compressor Type   ROTARY/Twin
Cooling – (Sound Pressure) (H) dB(A) (@spl) 61.6
Cooling Usable Temperature Range   0~50
Heating Usable Temperature Range   -15~30
PIPE SIZE Liquid Line Ø/Gas Line Ø (inch) 3/8′ / 5/8″
Coupler Style   Flare joint
Minimum Length m 3
Maximum Length m 50
Pre-charged m 5
Maximum Height Difference (Above/Below) m 25

Ambient cooling & heating

COOLING: Even at temperatures of up to 50°C. the system can still provide cooling without any interruptions. HEATING: The system will continue heating even at temperatures as low as -15°C .


The anti corrosive coating on the outdoor unit heat exchangers have a special protective coating designed to resist water droplets settling and forming rust and may also be effective in some seaside locations. 5-layer precision structure on the indoor unit features anti-corrosion, selflubrication, and selfcleaning function for higher efficiency.

X-ECO mode

Cleverly steps the electrical frequency and fan speeds down while maintaining comfort for more economical management of running costs.

Follow Me

The remote controller has a special sensor built into it, and so it knows your desired temperature, wherever you take remote controller into the airconditioned room. So, if you are sitting on the sofa relaxing, and move to another part of the room the set temperature will follow you.

Sleep Mode

In cooling or heating mode the system will regulate the air around you throughout the night automatically adjusting the temperature and fan speeds to suit the set mode, without you even noticing. In heating mode in case the outside temperature drops suddenly the unit increases the temperature without blowing cold air. After 8 hours the system turns night mode off and returns to normal operation.

2 Step Filtration

STEP 1: The first filter keeps out more significant dust particles, including pet fur from the indoor air.

STEP 2: The second filter captures the common household odors and is an economical way to maintain cleaner air.

Intelligent Comfort*

Long distance air flow up to 12 meters on the larger models includes the 3D air flow function which circulates the air around the room swiftly and calmly to those hard to reach places.

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7.00 kW Cooling
8.25 kW Heating

Long AirFlow Up to 12 meters

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