MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Avanti Range SRK35ZSA-W Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System Air Conditioner

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Model: Indoor SRK35ZSA-W Outdoor SRC35ZSA-W / 3.5kW Cooling Capacity - 3.7kW Heating Capacity. Reverse cycle inverter split system Air Conditioner R32 refrigerant

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$ 1040.00

Indoor     SRK35ZSA-W
Outdoor     SRC35ZSA-W
Power Supply     1 Phase 220 ~ 240V 50Hz
Capacity Cooling T1 kW 3.5(0.9 ~ 4.4)
Heating H1 3.7 (0.9~ 5.4)
Input Cooling T1 kW 0.82 (0.18 ~ 1.27)
Heating H1 0.81 (0.21 ~ 1.44)
Energy label Cooling T1 Stars 4
Heating H1 4.5
EER Cooling T1   4.27
COP Heating H1 4.57
Sound power level (JIS C9612) Cooling (Outdoor) dB(A) 62
Heating (Outdoor)  62
Sound pressure level (JIS C9612) Cooling (Indoor) dB(A) 43-34-27-19
Heating (Indoor) 47-39-25-19
Silent mode sound pressure level Cooling (Outdoor) dB(A) 45
Heating (Outdoor)  44
Airflow Cooling (Indoor) I/s 205-152-117-78
Heating (Indoor) 250-193-117-88
External dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor mm 290x870x230
Outdoor 540x780(+62)x290
Net weight Indoor Kg 10
Outdoor 36
Refrigerant piping Liquid line mm ᵩ6.35
Gas line ᵩ9.52
Connection method   Flare connection
Refrigerant R32 Quantity Kg 0.75
Pre charged to pipe length 15
Clean filter Allergen Clear & Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter