Mitsubishi Electric Air Purifier and Dehumidifier 2022

The new Mitsubishi Electric E85R Air Purifier will help to improve your indoor air quality and reduce exposure to common asthma and allergy triggers including dust, pollen, pet allergens, and some gases.*2 The Auto Cleaning Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Platinum Catalyst Filter are washable to ensure long-lasting performance.

  • Auto Cleaning Pre-Filter
  • High-Performance HEPA Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Platinum Catalyst Filter

Mitsubishi Electric MA-E85R-A Air Purifier | Optimum Room Size 60 m²


Auto Cleaning Pre-Filter

The Pre-Filter rotates and collects dust into a compartment. The Auto Cleaning Mechanism keeps the filter cleaner for better performance.

High Performance HEPA Filter

A large two-layer HEPA filter catches up to 99.97% ultra-fine particles in the air, as small as 0.3µm*.
*Tested in accordance with JIS B 9908:2011.

Activated Carbon Filter

500g Activated Carbon removes some harmful gases and unpleasant odours.

Platinum Catalyst Filter

Uses nanotechnology to absorb various odorants and deodorise the air.

508 m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate

An industry measure to indicate the volume of filtered air delivered by an air cleaner.

Smart Search Sensors

The high precision PM2.5 and odour sensors continuously scan the room to detect airborne allergens and pollutants.

Multi Directional Airflow

The louvre automatically moves across 5 different angles from left to right and stops where the air is most contaminated.

3-Step Clean Light Monitor

Indicates the levels of indoor air contamination for dust, PM2.5 small particles and odour.

Silent Night Mode

Device lights are dimmed and the unit operates very quietly at reduced air volumes.

Multi Speed Settings

5 manual and 3 auto speed modes, from turbo air volume for faster indoor air cleaning to silent mode or a quieter operation.

Washable Filters

Activated Carbon and Platinum Catalyst filters remove some harmful gases and unpleasant odours.


The new Mitsubishi Electric EV38HR Dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture from the air and maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home.*1 The energy-efficient Inverter compressor, Intelligent Laundry and Air Purification modes are some of the features you will find in this Dehumidifier.

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