MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MSZGE80KITD Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System

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Model: MSZ-GE80KITD Inverter Reverse Cycle- I/MSZ-GE80VAD-A1 - O/MUZ-GE80VAD-A1 / 7.8kW Cooling 9.0kW Heating

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Energy Efficient Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

Sophisticated design
Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are durable, easy to use, slim and powerful and look attractive.

7 Day Remote controller
Allowing you to program up to four settings for each day of the week, you can come home to comfort without having to manually adjust the temperature. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the 7 day controller is a great way to regulate your energy usage without compromising on comfort.

24 Hour Timer - MSZ-GE60/71/80
The 24 hour ON/OFF timer allows you to set the time of day you would like the air conditioner to switch on or off. This simple timer is perfect if you want to program the air conditioner to switch on at a particular time in the morning. Alternatively, if the unit is already running you can set the time it will switch off at.

Wi-Fi Control
This innovative technology connects your domestic Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go via an Internet connection. Optional additional adapter MAC-558IF-E required per unit.

Elegant stylish design
Simple ergonomic square shape and pure white colour that blends in with a greater range of interior designs.

i-save Mode
the i-save Mode is a simplified setting function that recalls the preferred (preset) temperature at the press of a button on the remote controller. The function ensures the most suitable air conditioning settings are used contribute to reduced power consumption.

Potentially demand response capable
Based on connection of a demand response enabling device (DRED) via DRED interface DRC-101A, Demand Response Mode is activated in response to signals sent from the electric power company at times when it is necessary to reduce peak demand. (2.5 kW - 8.0 kW)
*Only MSZ-G Series models with model name MUZ-GE**VAD/MSZ-GE**VAD are potentially demand response capable units.
Model Name   MSZ-GE80VA2
Type   Inverter heat pump
Indoor Unit   MSZ-GE80VA2
Outdoor Unit   MUZ-GE80VA2
System Name   MSZGE80KIT2
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 7.8
Capacity (Min - Max) kW 2.4 - 9.2
Air Flow (Quiet/Shi*) l/s 162-298
EER (Rated Conditions)   3.17
Star Rating - Original calculation   1.5
Running Current (Rated)  A 10.8
Sound Pressure Levels    
Indoor at 1.5m (Quiet/Low/Med/Hi/SHi) dBA 30-37-41-45-49
Outdoor at 1m dBA 55
Sound Power Level - Outdoor dBA 69
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 9
Capacity (Min - Max) kW 2.2 - 11.1
Air Flow (Quiet/Shi*) l/s 170-298
COP (Rated Conditions)   3.48/3.53
Star Rating   2.5
Running Current (Rated)   11.2
Sound Pressure Levels    
Indoor at 1.5m (Quiet/Low/Med/Hi/SHi) dBA 30-37-41-45-49
Outdoor at 1m dBA 55
Sound Power Level - Outdoor dBA 69
Indoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 325x1100x238
Weight - Indoor kg 16
Outdoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 880x840x330
Weight - Outdoor kg 53
Electrical Supply   230 volt/Single Phase / 50 Hertz - Outdoor Power Supply
Breaker Size A 20
Piping - max length m 30
max height m 15
Guaranteed Operating Range °C -10 ~ 46
    -15 ~ 24
Wireless remote control included

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