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Model: MFZKJ35KIT Floor Console. Indoor MFZ-KJ35VE-A1 - Outdoor MUFZ-KJ35VE-A1 / 3.5kW Cooling Capacity - 4.0kW Heating Capacity

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MFZ-KJ-VA Reverse Cycle Inverter

The Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor model air conditioners are designed for wall-attached installation at floor level. The auto swing vane provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room and the lightweight, compact design makes installation easy.

Simple, Flat Design 
Uneven surfaces have been smoothed to provide a simple design with linear beauty, harmonising all types of interiors.


Multi-flow Vane
Three uniquely shapped vanes control the airflow and allow the freedom to customize comfort according to perference.

Excellen Energy-saving
Compared with previous MFZ-KA models, the new MFZ-KJ has achieved much better energy-saving performance both in cooling (AEER) and heating (ACOP). 

Weekly Timer (Introduced in response to market demand)
Control temperature on a weekly basis

Temperature settings and On/Off control can be managed over a period of one week using the Weekly Timer. Up to eight setting patterns per calendar day are possible.

Trouble-free Installation
Using the original installation plate that comes as standard equipment, installation of the unit is a snap. Levelling adjusters are provided, preventing damage to the wall. Generous pipe length (20-30 meters) is provided, so there is no need to worry about distance to the outdoor unit. All units are equipped with an automatic self-diagnostics function as well. Simply access the trouble log recall mode for instant troubleshooting.

Model Name   MFZ-KJ35VE
Type   Inverter
Indoor Unit   MFZ-KJ35VE
Outdoor Unit   MUFZ-KJ35VE
Power Supply[V,Phase,Hz]   230V, Single, 50Hz, Outdoor unit Power Supply
Capacity [Min - Rated - Max] kW 0.5-3.5-3.7
Total Input [Min-Rated-Max] kW 0.15-0.90-1.14
AEER/EER   3.88 / 3.89
Star Rating   3
Running Current (Rated)    4.2
Sound Pressure Levels -    
Indoor [Quiet - SHI*] dB(A) 20-39
Outdoor (SPL/PWL) dB(A) 47 / 60
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet - SHi*] L/S 65-82-98-118-137
Capacity (Min - Rated - Max) kW 1.2-4.3-5.8
Total Input [Min-Rated-Max] l/s 0.36-1.1-2.2
ACOP / COP   3.90 / 3.91
Energy Rating   3
Running Curremt [Rated]    5
Sound Pressure Levels -    
Indoor [Quiet - SHI*] dB(A) 19 - 41
Outdoor (SPL/PWL) dB(A) 51 / 63
Air Volume (IN) [Quiet - SHi*] L/S 65-85-103-128-162
Starting Current A 5.1
Max.Running Current A 9.4
Indoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 600x750x215
Weight - Indoor kg 15
Input[Rated] Cooling/Heating W 13/16
Outdoor - Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 550x800x285
Weight - Outdoor kg 37
Breaker Size A 10
Ext.Piping -   -
Diameter (Gas/Liquid) mm 9.52/6.35
Max. length/Height m 20-Dec
Guaranteed Operating Cooling °C -10 ~ 46
Range Heating °C -15 ~ 24
*SHi=Super High      

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