Hitachi E Series Cooling Only Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Introducing our latest E-Series model designed for use within hot and humid climates.

Our air conditioning units can also operate in outside temperatures up to 46ºC, ensuring you stay comfortable when you need it during extreme temperatures.

Hitachi’s DC compressor offers efficient performance during periods of extended operation.

Low-Speed performance characteristics have also been improved, leading to significant reductions in annual running costs.

It’s important that your air conditioner not only keeps you cool, but also comfortable.

In hot, humid environments, the removal of moisture is essential to maintain perfect indoor balance.

Hitachi Cooling Only wall mounts feature a dedicated Dehumidication mode that removes moisture from the air to increase your comfort and efficiently maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Removing moisture stops the build up of mould and mildew which results in better health for all (specificially for individuals with allergies &/or asthma).

Mould Prevention Technology

To prevent moisture and mould build-up occurring within the indoor unit, activating the Auto Clean function will ensure the interior of your unit is kept dry and clean.

Auto Clean operates automatically after cooling or dry operation is stopped.

This will ensure the unit stays dry, helping to prevent mildew and mould within humid and subtropical climates.

Unlock the power of Manual FrostWash Technology

With FrostWash, a revolutionary new cleaning technology, you can depend on cleaner, fresher air all year round.

1) The system cools the heat exchanger down to -15° C forming a thin layer of frost from the moisture within the air. While the frost is being formed, it lifts dust particles, mould, and bacteria off the heat exchanger and traps it.

2) Once an adequate layer of frost has been formed, the system then melts the ice, flushing away the trapped dust particles, mould, and bacteria hygienically through the drain pan.

3) The unit then thoroughly dries the surfaces inside the unit before resuming normal operation.

HITACHI RAS-E25YCAB/RAC-E25YCAB E-SERIES 2.5 kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

HITACHI RAS-E35YCAB/RAC-E35YCAB E-SERIES 3.5 kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

HITACHI RAS-E50YCAB/RAC-E50YCAB E-SERIES 5kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

HITACHI RAS-E60YCAB/RAC-E60YCAB E-SERIES 6kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

HITACHI RAS-E70YCAB/RAC-E70YCAB E-SERIES 7kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

HITACHI RAS-E80YCAB/RAC-E80YCAB E-SERIES 8kW Cooling Only Air Conditioner R32

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