Gree Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning System

Gree’s Ceiling Cassette System provides the ideal solution for acclimatising commercial spaces, conveniently disappearing above the surface of any ceiling. Each Cassette System is powered by Gree’s energy efficient G10 inverter and variable speed compressor, saving energy, reducing noise, and keeping room temperatures steady; and is backed by Gree’s industry leading 6 year warranty in both residential and commercial applications.

Gree’s Ceiling Cassette provides low noise performance through design and innovation. The Gree Ceiling Cassette is a one-stop solution for acclimatizing small and large commercial spaces. This flexible climate solution conveniently disappears above the surface of any rooms ceiling. Feature include a highly effective 4 way discharge of air, multi speed fan, individual swing louver control and a cleanable air filter giving the ceiling cassette core performance capabilities that are ideal for commercial climate control. The discreet display reveals only a subtle grille surface.

360° Air Discharge

360° air discharge for balanced room temperature. Independent control of the swing blades so that each blade can be set to prevent drafts.

Dual Temperature

When matched with the wired wall controller you can select between the ambient air temperature sensors, either in the unit or on the wired wall controller to provide better control over the room temperature and improve comfort.

Fresh Air Connectability

With the addition of the optional fresh air kit, a fresh air duct can be connected directly to the unit to satisfy a room’s fresh air requirements.

Gree GUD50T/B-S / GUD50W/NhB-S 5.3kW Reverse Cycle Cassette System | Single Phase

Gree GUD71T/B-S / GUD71W/NhB-S 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Cassette System | Single Phase

Gree GUD100T/B-S / GUD100W/NhB-S 10.1kW Reverse Cycle Cassette System | Single Phase

Gree GUD125T/B-S / GUD125W/NhB-S 12.5kW Reverse Cycle Cassette System | Single Phase

Gree GUD140T/B-S / GUD140W/NhB-S 13.6kW Reverse Cycle Cassette System | Single Phase


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