Gree Air Curtains | Why choose an Air Curtain?

Gree Air Curtains help sustain a healthy working environment whether cooling, heating, or ambient conditions for a comfortable climate for customers and employees. An air curtain allows for open-door trading in retail outlets offering uninterrupted access to the public.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, gree air curtains offer a simple and cost-effective solution to maintain an inviting climate in any working or retail space.

Gree FM-1.25-9K 900mm Air Curtain Air Volume 1200ls

Energy Savings

By providing environmental separation between indoor and outdoor temperatures, recent studies have shown that by fitting a gree air curtain you can save up to 33% of your HVAC running costs. Payback for some commercial applications can be as little as 21 weeks.

Lower Construction Costs

With the use of Gree Air Curtains, architects can design a building without vestibules, which can save on construction costs and provide more retail floor space.


Optimized cross-flow fan with a high-performance motor. Anti-corrosion protection thanks to a two-sided electro galvanised metal case.

Integrated electric components for easy maintenance.

Microprocessor control with greater reliability and long service life.

High-performance cross-flow fan blade with 3D optimized streamlining. Remote-controlled operation.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Gree Air Curtains prevent dust, dirt, and fumes from infiltrating and contaminating indoor areas.

Improved Working Conditions

Keeps out ambient air at door openings and re-circulates conditioned air from the ceiling to the floor for more comfortable working conditions.

Gree FM-1.25-12K 1200mm Air Curtain Air Volume 1650l/s

Gree FM-1.25-9K 900mm Air Curtain Air Volume 1200l/s


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