Frequently Asked Questions and Government Rebates

General Information

How can I be updated on information about your latest products?

We are always looking to expand our product range and are constantly releasing the latest products and models.

What size air conditioner do I need?

The cooling and heating capacity of an air conditioner is measured in kilowatts (kW). 
Airconditioner Sizing Guide



  • Bedrooms
  • Studys
  • Small lounges
  • Small kitchens
  • Small offices



  • Bedrooms
  • Bedrooms with ensuites
  • Studys
  • Small lounges
  • Mid-sized kitchens
  • Small rooms with high ceilings
  • Offices



  • Large bedrooms
  • Bedrooms with ensuites
  • Studys
  • Mid-size lounges
  • Large kitchens
  • Mid-sized rooms with high ceilings
  • Offices



  • Large lounges
  • Large open plan areas
  • Small shops
  • Offices

For more complex installations  a heat load calculation should be performed. A heat load calculation comprises of many factors such as size of area, size of windows, roof type, building material, whether there is insulation, external shading or internal shading etc. Incorrect sizing will mean inadequate cooling/heating. 

If you are unsure on sizing please email us,  or go to Request a Quote or call 1300 367 152

What is an inverter?

Most Air conditioning systems these days are of inverter type. Inverter air conditioners use a variable frequency drive to control the speed of the motor thus in turn the compressor. When the cooling demand is met the compressor will slow down, in return reducing running costs.

Inverter air conditioners reach the desired room temperature faster, and then constantly adjust to maintain perfect comfort. Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than fixed speed units but need to be correctly sized.

What does EER mean?

This refers to energy efficiency rating and measures the air conditioners energy consumption and efficiency. A higher EER rating on your air conditioning system means the system is more energy efficient. You can compare the ratings from each manufacturer.

What does reverse cycle mean?

This simply means that the system is able to both cool and heat. 

What is MEPS?

MEPS stand for Minimum Energy Performance Standards which have been introduced by the Australian government. All systems sold by Airconditioning – Online meet MEPS requirements. This energy rating is mandatory.

Warranty Information

What Warranty do the Air conditioning Systems have?

All systems sold by Airconditioning-Online have a 5 yr manufacturers warranty. For more details refer to each Manufacturers warranty guidelines.

Importantant Information to Maintain Your Warranty !

Keep a copy of your invoice
Ensure your air conditioning installer is qualified and holds a current refrigeration handling license.
Ensure operation is as per manufacturer's instructions.
Ensure the air inlet and outlet of the outdoor unit is kept clear of obstructions.
Replace exhausted batteries in remote control.
If your system fails, contact the manufacturer without delay.

What do I do if I have a problem?

Airconditioning-Online can help guide you if a warranty issue arises. Firstly the client needs to contact the manufacturer. The number for each manufacturer will be on the warranty form which came with the system purchased. When placing a warranty claim you will need to provide proof of purchase (your tax invoice).

Payment and Purchasing

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We thank you for paying via Direct Deposit, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or PayPal.


How Do I Make Payment Via Direct Deposit?

On the checkout page please select payment method Direct debit. Once you have completed your order a Tax Invoice will be
Automatically be sent to your email which will contain our Banking Details.
Please make the direct deposit and use your Tax invoice number as a reference.

Can I pay by Cheque?

Yes, you can. Please send your order by email to  together with your cheque, a copy of your email and send  to PO Box 480 Pyrmont NSW 2009. Please allow 10-14 days for your cheque to be received, processed and for goods to be dispatched.

If I purchase a product from, will I be supplied with a Tax Invoice?

The Order Confirmation email that you receive when you make an order is a valid Australian Tax Invoice. If you have lost your invoice we will be happy to email you a new one. Simply email our team on with your request.

Is It Safe To Make Credit Card Payments Online?

The website uses SSL Encryption and has the Rapid Secured Seal.
All payments made on the website are processed by the Commonwealth Bank (CommWeb) which is highly reliable and secure.


Can I be informed when my item is dispatched so that I can be at home for delivery?

When your item is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email with your Tracking number. You can track and trace the item with the Consignment number you will be given.

How do I find out the postage cost for my item?

After purchasing your desired product or products enter your postcode in the 'Postcode' field, press Update Postcode and it will automatically calculate the delivery charge for you.

What Happens if the delivery charge comes up $0.00?

If the delivery charge comes up $0.00 please email us or call us 8206 1770 and let us know which unit you are interested in and your delivery details. We will promptly get back with an exact delivery price.

You can be assured that no personal details will be required for delivery fees to be calculated.

 Can my item be delivered to a PO Box?

We are unable to deliver to a PO Box as we need ID and a copy of the online receipt when delivery is made.

Does Someone Need To Be Home To Accept Delivery?

Yes, someone must be available to accept delivery as we require a signature as proof of receiving goods. We recommend having an additional person at the delivery address to assist with the placement of your items inside of your house. Furthermore, our carriers provide a door-to-door service, which does not include carrying the items inside. Where there is nobody to receive the goods a redelivery fee will be charged.

What is the best way to contact Airconditioning1-Online?

As we are a online business, the best way to contact us is via email. If you have any inquiry please email - or Call us on 1300 367 152