ESP Plus Split Ducted Systems Series 2

ESP stands for Energy Smart Performance and it’s how our ESP Plus ducted system keeps you superbly comfortable all year round without wasting energy. Our ESP Plus delivers comfort with such precision you’ll forget you even have air conditioning, and because of that precise control you can save some serious cash when the electricity bill arrives.

1 Phase

12.27kW, 14.37kW, 18.64kW

3 Phase

16.88kW, 19.32kW


Digital Scroll

Operating Range

-10ºC – 50ºC

Indoor Features

Integrated zone card

All indoor units come with integrated zoning ready for up to 8 zones.

Efficient EC Inverter Indoor Fan

ESP Plus’ highly efficient EC fan technology allows for sound reduction indoors while also providing incremental airflow adjustments when zones are turned off.

Safety Drain Tray included as standard

Removes the need to purchase as an additional accessory.


Outdoor Features

Louvered Grille

The ESP Plus’ powder coated louvered grille guard allows for better airflow and protection against Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

Coated Coil Protection

ActronAir uses blue fin epoxy coated protection on the indoor and outdoor coils of ESP Plus. It reduces corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions, as well as assisting the defrosting process, thus improving heating efficiency.

Quieter operation

Clever design, technology and choice of materials led to SRS, ActronAir’s Sound Reduction System, in the ESP Plus’ outdoor unit.

Engineered for Australia

Made with a superior operating range of -10°C to 50°C, the ESP Plus ducted system is engineered to withstand the hottest and coldest conditions Australia can throw at it.

A more comfortable energy bill

The energy savings in an ESP Plus system can make a huge difference to the cost of living, delivering performance that is up to 60% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, which over 5 years would save up to $3,500 on your electricity costs for cooling alone.

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