Daikin CORA Series Split Systems

Daikin Cora series features whisper quiet operation, industry leading energy efficiency and superior comfort levels without compromising on style.
Blending in with modern bedrooms and living areas with its smooth contours and flat panel design.

Using R32 Refrigerant which enables increased energy efficiency and a significant reduction in ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’


Daikin ZENA Series Split Systems

Engineered with the latest technology, the Zena has a stylish and elegant design and blends in with the decor of a modern home. Available in White Hair Line or Black Wood finish.
Uses R32 Refrigerant. Engineered in Europe, built in Wi-Fi connection, the Daikin Zena is available in White Hair Line or Black Wood finish.


Daikin ALIRA Series Split Systems

Step ahead of the rest, the ALIRA blends in harmoniously with modern decors and delivers whisper quiet comfort at industry leading energy efficiency.

Daikin’s air purifying filters and innovative air flow systems ensure that fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

Daikin’s new Alira Series Split System air conditioners also feature the new R32 refrigerant, built in demand response enabled capability (DRED), 2-Area Intelligent Eye for optimal comfort and efficient operation and Wi-Fi capability for remote operation.


Multi Split Air Conditioning

Daikin Multi Split Systems can heat or cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit can also be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature.

 Smartphone Control is optional
Uses R32 Refrigerant.


Daikin Ducted System Air Conditioning

A Daikin Ducted System provides discreet air conditioned comfort. It can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one .

Daikin Premium Inverter

A Daikin Premium Inverter system is more powerful, this means the room temperature will be reached faster than a conventional air conditioner. With the premium inverter the pipe run can be as long as 75 metres between the indoor and outdoor units for most models, so you have more options in regards to location of the outdoor unit particularly useful in commercial applications.

Daikin Standard Inverter

A Standard Inverter system has a lower capacity output than the premium inverter system, this means the room temperature may take slightly longer to reach the set temperature but will maintain the set temperature easily once reached. Pipe run allowance is shorter than that of the Premium Inverter.





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