LG Air Conditioning P28AWN-14 Premium Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System Air Conditioner

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Model: Set P28AWN-14 LG Premium Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System. Indoor P28AWN-N214 - Outdoor P28AWN-U214 / 8.0kW Cooling - 9.0kW Heating Capacity

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System Model P28AWN-14
Model Indoor Unit P28AWN-N214
Model Outdoor Unit P28AWN-U214
Cooling Capacity Min                 W 900
Rated             W 8,000
Max                W 9,000
Heating Capacity Min W 900
Rated W 9,000
Max W 12,000
Power Input Cooling Rated W 2,450
Heating Rated W 2,500
EER 3.27
COP 3.6
Energy Label (Star Rating) Cooling 2
Heating 2.5
Sound Pressure (Cooling) Sleep/Low/Medium/High dBA 29 / 38 / 42 / 47
Sound Pressure (Heating) Low / Medium / High dBA 39 / 44 / 49
Sound Power Cooling                  High dBA 65
Air Flow Rate (Cooling) Sleep/Low/Medium/High/JetCool L/S 125/ 183 / 233 / 283 / 385
Air Flow Rate (Heating) Low / Medium / High L/S 192 / 242 / 283
Dehumidification  Rate   l/h 2.8
Running Current Cooling   Rated / Max A 10.9 / 11.6
Heating  Rated / Max A 11.1 / 12.7
Starting Current Cooling   Rated A 10.9
Heating Rated A 11.1
Dimension   mm 1090*330*248
Net Weight   kg 15
Operation Range Cooling  Min~Max ⁰CDB -10~48
Heating  Min~Max ⁰CDB -15~24
Sound Pressure Cooling  High  dBA 55
Heating  High  dBA 55
Sound Power Cooling High dBA High  dBA 66
Air Flow Rate High L/S High  L/S 1,000
Compressor Type     Twin Rotary 
Net Weight kg   kg 55
Dimension mm   mm 870*800*320
Refrigerant Base Charge (R410A) g   g 1,900
Pipe Sizing                                              Gas / Liquid    mm 15.88/9.52
Maximum Circuit Breaker A   A 25
  • Specifications are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Rated Cooling capacity is based on an indoor air temp 27oC DB 19oC WB and outdoor air temp. 35oC DB and 24oC WB in accordance with AS/NZS3823.1.1.
  • Actual cooling & heating capacity will vary as ambient temperature varies. Please consult your LG sales representative for performance data outside of AS/NZS3823.1.1.  standard conditions.
  • Rated Heating capacity is based on an indoor air temp 20oC DB, 15oC WB and outdoor air temp. 7oC DB, 6oC WB in accordance with AS / NZS3823.1.1.
  • Information contained in this table is a guide only and LG strongly recommends that you ask for advice from specialist installers and retailers, who can assist with measuring rooms and heat load calculations. Specialists can tell you the best size and type of air conditioner suited for your needs.
  • Sound Pressure levels are determined in an anachoic chamber at a distance of 1m, in accordance to KSC9306.
  • Actual installed noise levels will vary depending on the installed location.
  • AEER=Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio for cooling.
  • ACOP=Annual Coefficient of Performance for heating. In accordance with AS/NZS 3823.2
Sound power level specification is measured at reverberant room according to ISO 3741

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