Toshiba Air Conditioning

The Toshiba Air Conditioning product range encompasses a comprehensive Inverter range to suit residential and light commercial applications. Toshiba Inverter systems provide
excellent energy efficiency, are reliable and run on R410A non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Toshiba combines technological development with care for future generations - the result is a range of energy-efficient air conditioners, reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the source.


Toshiba has combined two technologies, creating the “DC HybridInverter” that automatically chooses the better of the two control methods based on the actual conditions at the time. This solution provides high capacity only and when it is necessary while minimising running costs.

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The ideal solution for air conditioning multiple rooms

A home typically has many areas such as bedrooms, living spaces and study rooms. Therefore, to provide total comfort for your home, a multi-split system is recommended so each
room can have its own air conditioner.

This can be achieved through a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multi-split system which delivers optimum heating or cooling for everyone, no matter where they are
in the home and no matter what size the room may be.

Silent, powerful, energy ef cient and utilising advanced technologies, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter multisplit system is the solution for homes with many rooms and
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ducted Air Conditioners

Smaller design & wider range
Our units have a smaller, more compact design than our competitors, and the expanded range means there is a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted unit for everyone.

Reliability and Performance
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries believes in the strong performance and reliability of our units. That's why our units are backed up by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.
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Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems

Experience year round cosy comfort - in every room, in every season - with Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems.

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of touch-button climate control. Our advanced control technology brings you warm, even heat during Winter and clean, cool air during Summer.

Our ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone selection if required.

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Wall mounted reverse cycle split system

Our commitment to product innovation is a key factor in Mitsubishi Electric being a leader in air conditioning technology. In keeping with this commitment, we have introduced a number of state-of-the-art features to our wall mounted air conditioner range, including Plasma Duo filter systems, i-See Sensor and Catechin filters.

The range of wall mounted reverse cycle split-system air conditioners includes inverter models, suitable for single rooms through to larger open-plan living areas.

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Air conditioners built for Australia

Our air conditioners are world-leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency, and proven performance in the tough Australian environment. Designed to heat or cool small to medium sized applications, the new R410A M Series range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution.

Quick to install and also one of the quietest air conditioning units on the market (as low as 19dBA*), this newly designed, attractive air conditioning range offers the perfect way to ensure a comfortable environment with the minimum of disruption.

30% cost saving on inverters

Available as a premium inverter option or as a standard 'Classic' version, the latter offers a high specification system using traditional fixed speed technology, whilst providing extremely good value for money, costing approximately 30% less than the inverter equivalent.

Mitsubishi Electric reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems provide the ultimate in comfort, year round for the whole home.

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Why Daikin

Daikin have invested over 40 years in developing technologies to make heating and cooling your home easy and efficient.

Clever design and smart technology means your Daikin is not only quiet and efficient, but also durable and easy to install.

Superior Comfort
With innovations like Intelligent Eye and Night Quiet Mode, Daikin can help you maintain superior comfort for your family.

With family-friendly features, intuitive controls and set-and-forget technologies, Daikin heat pumps are exceptionally easy to use.
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LG Airconditioning

LG air conditioners provide high reliability and comfort. Our latest technological innovations ensure greater overall system reliability as well as convenient benefits such as quick, stable cooling and a wider operation range than conventional air conditioning systems. [Read More…]

The Triangle. Samsung's Ultimate Cooling Design

The Samsung AR5000 Air Conditioner has a unique triangular design to help take in and give out lots of air, providing powerful cooling performance. Innovatively cooling your home fast, far, and wide. Experience it now.

Smart Efficient Control
The Samsung AR5000 Air Conditioner range offers a specific set of cooling and heating settings that can be based on current weather conditions and the number of people in the room.

The Single User Mode feature can maintain a cosy and comfortable environment by reducing its cooling or heating capacity based on the needs of a single operator. Click here for more.. [Read More…]

Daikin specialises in air conditioning... as air conditioning is all Daikin does

Being one of Australia's most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes across Australia. Daikin air conditioning = a quality product

Buying an air conditioning system is an investment for the future that also enhanced the value of your property. Daikin air conditioners offer superior quality, durability and energy efficiency, so you can climate control your home or business more effectively over the long term. Click here to view the Daikin product range

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