Actron Ducted Air Conditioners

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ActronAir Ducted System from 9.00kW to 24.00kW

Classic Split Ducted Standard Cycling
ESP Plus Split Ducted
ESP Ultima Split Ducted

ActronAir PL20R-2/40S - Return Plenum - 2 x 400 mm (16") spigot

ActronAir Zone Barrel 10 INCH - 250 mm (includes 7m CAT5E zone cable)

ActronAir Zone Barrel 14 INCH - 350 mm (includes 7m CAT5E zone cable)

ActronAir PL18S-3/35S - Supply Plenum - 3 x 350 mm (14") spigot

ActronAir LM24W Optional Secondary wall controller (white) - 8 zone/24hr

ActronAir 8Z-24V Zone Module (For ActronAir Zone Barrels)

ActronAir ESP Ultima Ducted Split System - Three Phase SRD173C / SRM171E

16.88kW Cooling Capacity
17.93kW Heating Capacity

ActronAir ESP Plus Split Ducted System - Single Phase SRD151C / SRV151E

14.37kW Cooling Capacity
15.00kW Heating Capacity

ActronAir ESP Plus Ducted Split System - Single Phase SRD191C / SRV191E

18.64kW Cooling Capacity
18.52kW Heating Capacity